Youth Advocate Leadership Training Held at CDF's Haley Farm

The recent Young Advocate Leadership Training (YALT®), held April 2010, was a huge success.  Eight young adults from the Minneapolis and St. Paul area along with more than one hundred youth from around the country, spent three days strengthening their advocacy skills on CDF’s Haley Farm in Clinton, Tennessee.

These young adults received resources to bring back to their community to continue to build a movement for children.  In addition, they learned what their peers were doing in their communities and received additional training on organizing and advocacy.  

The eight young adults who were selected to participate in The eight young adults who were selected to participate from this area were already strong leaders in their communities and campuses. The purpose of the training was to build from their current organizing and advocacy experiences and create a foundation were students would stay engaged. Participants developed action plans and collected valuable resources they could use as they organize in their local communities.