10 Things to Know about Child Poverty in Minnesota

Release Date: January 1, 2012
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10 Things to Know About Child Poverty in MN

This summer, census numbers confirmed a trend that many suspected: that in the past ten years Minnesota saw a 62% increase in child poverty, from 114,000 children (9%) to 192,000 (15.2%). That number roughly equals the combined populations of Bloomington and Rochester.
To help Minnesotans understand how child poverty affects a child’s brain development, how it affects all our futures and how smart investments today can mitigate these stark trends, Children’s Defense Fund–Minnesota produced this resource, 10 Things to Know about Child Poverty in Minnesota.
“Research makes is clear that targeted investments and interventions can make a positive impact on a child living in poverty and change his or her life for the better,” said CDF–MN regional director, Amy Crawford. She hopes every Minnesotan uses this resource to not only gain a deeper understanding of the statistics on children affected, but also to get a clearer picture of how child poverty affects all our futures.  Investments today clearly pave the way for a brighter future Minnesota.