27 Organizations to Legislators: Invest in Children Today; Ensure a Bright and Successful Minnesota Tomorrow

January 1, 2011

June 16, 2011

A letter to the Gov. and Legislature, signed by 27 organizations, outlines 37 harmful proposals that would impact children, their families and MN's future.

The end-of-session Minnesota legislative budget proposals for Health and Human Services include more than 37 harmful proposals that will directly impact children, their families and the future of Minnesota. Those cuts are outlined in a letter signed by 27 organizations and delivered to the Governor and legislative leadership Thursday.

In the midst of preparations for a possible government shutdown, child and low-income advocates urged legislators to stand for children, and work toward a comprehensive budget solution fully funding critical programs and services for Minnesota children and their families.

The letter to legislators breaks down the cuts into five areas (prevention and intervention services, family support, work supports, economic support and health care), and details the estimated number of children and families impacted by each area of cuts. For example, the group estimates that 51,000 children per year will be impacted by the $22 million cut to Children and Community Services Act (CCSA) grants – grants provided to counties for supportive services for children, adolescents and others who are experiencing abuse, neglect, poverty, disability, dependency or chronic health conditions.

The advocates promised to stand with legislators when they ask their colleagues and others to “raise revenues, in a progressive and fair manner, from those who can most afford it.” They further stated, “We believe our children and their healthy development are worth asking our wealthiest neighbors to pay a fairer share of taxes.” According to the group of advocates, “Minnesotans know that healthy child development is a wise and worthy investment guaranteed to foster a multitude of immediate and lifelong benefits for children, their families and our community.”

The letter urges legislators “to make the necessary, and possibly politically difficult, budgetary decisions to ensure that Minnesota is a place where all children thrive.” The group expressed concern over the cumulative effect of the cuts, stating the cuts would be “detrimental to the healthy development of tens of thousands of Minnesota children.” The child and low-income advocates cautioned that many children and families would be severely impacted by multiple cuts, thereby increasing the likelihood for deeper, costlier and longer-term services in the future. The advocates further stated that Minnesota’s prosperity is “inextricably connected to the ability of our children to flourish.”

Read letter to Legislators.