Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota: Minimum Wage Increase is a Victory for Workers, Families and Children

April 14, 2014
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St. Paul, Minn. – Governor Mark Dayton is scheduled to sign HF2091 into law Monday afternoon, approving a minimum wage increase to $9.50 with indexing. Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota (CDF-MN) is hailing the move as a victory for workers, families and children and thanking the governor and legislators for their support.

“On behalf of the 70-plus faith, labor and nonprofit organizations that make up the Raise the Wage coalition, the more than 300,000 Minnesota workers who are about to see their wages rise, and the 137,000 Minnesota children whose childhoods are about to become healthier and happier because their families will have a little more money in their pockets, thank you Governor Dayton and legislators for recognizing that now is the time for Minnesota’s minimum wage to catch up and keep up,” said Peggy Flanagan, CDF-MN executive director and Raise the Wage co-chair.

Flanagan added that while more needs to be done to address the needs of low-income families and their children, raising the wage is a start. Flanagan has previously cited research from the Brookings Institution linking family income and child outcomes.

“Because of the work of the governor, legislators and advocates, hundreds of thousands of workers, families and children have hope for a brighter future,” she concluded.

CDF-MN is a member of the Raise the Wage coalition, the advocacy group that backed the push for a minimum wage increase with indexing. CDF-MN is a nonprofit organization supporting programs and policies that increase family economic stability and improve child well-being.