2018 State Legislative Kick-Off

Minnesotans value hard work, ingenuity, and looking out for others, and turn these values into investments and policies that promote child well-being and economic vitality. Our outcomes show we know what works to help many children and families thrive, and Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the best places to raise a family. As our 2017 Minnesota Kids Count Data Book: Using Data to Turn Values into Child-Focused Policy, reveals, however, our state is facing opportunities and challenges brought on by an unprecedented shift in the age and racial composition of our communities. Older adults are quickly outpacing the number of children for the first time, and populations of color are rapidly growing across the state. To maintain and expand upon the gains we have made – and to secure our collective future prosperity – we will need to make sure our investments and policies reflect the needs of our changing population. In 2018, Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota asks policymakers to support the following legislative initiatives that will ensure families of all backgrounds, in every corner of the state, have the resources and opportunities required for their children to become the workers, leaders, and parents we need them to be.