Become a Bridge to Benefits Partner

Offering Bridge to Benefits (B2B) screenings to clients provides organizations with a number of advantages.

Screenings are quick and easy (taking less than 5 minutes to complete) and the information on the site is constantly updated so organizations can be assured that the information they provide their clients is correct. In addition, B2B provides an email referral option that allows organizations that use the screening tool to refer their clients to other community organizations that provide one-on-one application assistance.

B2B also offers a data collecting/report function that allows organizations to track the number of families screened and the percent eligible for each program. In 2014, nearly 37,000 families were screened on B2B, which included more than 105,000 family members. Nearly 60 percent of families screened were eligible (and interested) for at least one program on the site.

If you're interested in becoming a B2B partner, see more information here.