Minnesota KIDS COUNT Data Book

Research and data demonstrate the significant returns on investment that we can reap when we invest in our youngest children through early education and support programs that improve opportunity for success for young children and their families. Data and disparities show we need to invest more to ensure our youngest children are successful now so we can secure a prepared workforce and economic prosperity in the future.

This year's data book entitled "Tipping the Scales in Early Childhoood focuses on early childhood and features research on the importance of early childhood development, data on the status of Minnesota's youngest citizens, and programs and policies that support success in early childhood and throughout adulthood. Most of the data is disaggregated by race and ethnicity, and we've highlighted evidence-based interventions aimed to improve outcomes for children with an emphasis on programs and policies that are culturally focused and/or particularly beneficial to children of color. Organized around Children's Defense Fund mission, the data book provides research and indicators around providing young children a Fair Start, a Head Start, a Healthy Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start and successful passage into adulthood with caring families and communities. 

Download the 2016 Minnesota KIDS COUNT Data Book: Tipping the Scales in Early Childhood.

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